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We take the time to understand your circumstances and goals. Whether saving for a new home, your children’s education, minimising tax or growing your wealth, we can develop an investment strategy to help you achieve them.

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It is our responsibility to comprehend your situation and goals in life. Whether it is for your children’s education, saving for a new home, growing your finances, or minimising tax, we can develop an investment strategy to help you achieve them.

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At Park Lane Advice Group, we want to encourage people to use their money to plan for their future and assist them in letting go of their concerns about unpredictable market fluctuations so they may enjoy life. Through all the phases of life, we are at your side. We can assist you in making the most of your finances regardless of whether you are purchasing your first home, starting a family, moving on from a marriage, transitioning for retirement, or simply enjoying a pleasant retirement. 

We always provide individualised financial management in Melbourne and collaborate with you to make sure your money is working for you, not the other way around. We provide clients in Bayside, Western Melbourne, and beyond with financial planning assistance as well as mortgage brokerage services.

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Wealth management Melbourne

Get Ready to Retire

Know when to retire, and feel confident that you are maximising your retirement income.

Wealth management Melbourne

Maximise your Superannuation

Are you paying hidden fees? Are you contributing effectively? let’s work together to get the most out of your super.

Wealth management Melbourne

Get Help with your SMSF

SMSF’s can be complicated. Let us take the stress out of managing your own superannuation.

Wealth management Melbourne

Protect your Family

We can help protect you and your family against premature death, accidents, injuries and illness.

Wealth management Melbourne

Invest your Money

Let our research team do the leg work for you to help your money grow.

Wealth management Melbourne

Manage Your Debt

Weighed down by debt? Or looking for a better rate? We can help you.

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Our team would never be complete without the best financial advisors in Melbourne. Each of them have their own specialty in the financial industry.

By reading more about them, your question of “Do I really need a financial advisor?” will be answered.

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